5 Stylish Alice in Wonderland T-Shirts for Men

Two Handsome Male Models Wearing Alice in Wonderland T-Shirts from Hot Topic

The Alice in Wonderland brand is an interesting one with the potential to appeal to a range of demographics.

On one hand, its classical literature origins give the story and characters a sense of sophistication, yet the 1951 Disney film has also heavily ingrained its many themes and quirky style into modern pop culture with multiple generations identifying this animated version as being the definitive one.

The numerous live action interpretations continue to reinvigorate the story for old fans and introduce it to new ones and while Alice in Wonderland (and its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass) are usually associated with female fashion aesthetics, there are a growing number of themed clothing items being designed for the male fan and those men confident enough to embrace a classic novel, an animated Disney movie, or a recent box office hit and make it their own.

One example of this new trend is the release of some genuinely stylish Alice in Wonderland men’s t-shirts. Here are my five favourite designs.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad Hatter T-Shirt

Handsome Male Model Wearing an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter T-Shirt

This new t-shirt is a shameless movie tie-in product for Alice Through the Looking Glass but it also has a rather stylishly ambiguous phrase on it (“Am I the mad one? Or are you?”) which should get people talking. Plus, Johnny Depp is always cool. Who doesn’t like Johnny Depp? (Well, besides the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Tie Dye T-Shirt

Good Looking Male Model Wearing a Pink and Purple Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat T-Shirt

Looking for something a little more colourful? This Cheshire Cat pink and purple tie dye tee has you sorted. Normally, character t-shirts can be a bit cheap looking but the colours on this one really pull the design together well.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Club T-Shirt

Male Model Wearing a Black Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter T-ShirtA wonderful homage to the classic Disney film, this black and white t-shirt features the animated Mad Hatter in all of his wackiness. Buy on Amazon.com

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mirror Portrait T-Shirt

Male Model Wearing an Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie T-ShirtAnother Alice Through the Looking Glass design. This one cleverly draws inspiration from the illustrations that used to be seen in the old prints of the original Alice in Wonderland novel. Brilliant idea and very classy. Buy on Amazon.com

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Heads Off T-Shirt

Handsome Male Model Wearing a Black Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat T-ShirtA great basic design with an entertaining image right on the front featuring the Cheshire Cat from the Disney feature film. Extra marks for the image fade in the lower half of the design that pulls together the look well and also makes sense as the character is known to fade in and out of existence in Alice in Wonderland as well! Buy on Amazon.com

Which t-shirt did you like the best? Have you already bought one of these? Let me know in the comments below.

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