4 Fairy Tail Anime T-Shirts Perfect for Summer

Fairy Tail Anime Tank Top and T-Shirt

The Fairy Tail anime series continues to be one of the most popular anime franchises both in Japan and abroad. The show’s vibrant cast of characters have inspired a range of official merchandise from jewelery and plushies to high quality models and action figures and their release shows no sign of slowing down.

Some of the more popular Fairy Tail merchandise items have been the new fashion items, which are no longer generic t-shirts as was common in the 90s, but well-fitted cuts that look good whether lounging at home, going shopping, or hitting a bar with friends. Here are four of the latest Fairy Tail anime designs to hit store shelves. Do you have a favourite Fairy Tail t-shirt design? Let me know about it in the comments down below.

Fairy Tail Anime Beach Group T-Shirt

Woman Wearing a New Fairy Tail Anime T-Shirt

This new Fairy Tail anime t-shirt from Hot Topic is great for warmer months due to its cool beach theme. All of the Fairy Tail characters are dressed down in their swimwear, which is a nice change from their regular costumes. Buy on Amazon.com

Fairy Tail Anime Chibi Natsu T-Shirt

Female Model Wearing a Chibi Natsu Fairy Tail Anime T-Shirt

This cute Fairy Tail t-shirt features a super-deformed version of the series’ main protagonist, Natsu. He’s dressed up in his traditional Japanese jinbei festival gear which also makes this a suitable t-shirt to wear in Summer (when Japanese festivals usually happen). Buy on Amazon.com

Fairy Tail Anime Girls Sublimation Tank Top

Female Blonde Model Wearing a Fairy Tail Tank Top from Hot Topic

Okay, so this isn’t a t-shirt but it’s too cool not to include on this page. Not only does it have a nice cut but the coloured lines also make the entire design pop and the Fairy Tail characters are drawn particularly well. Buy on Amazon.com

Fairy Tail Anime Chibi Beach T-Shirt

Fairy Tail Anime T-Shirt with Chibi Characters in Swimwear

This fourth Fairy Tail t-shirt features all of the main characters in their super-deformed chibi forms having fun at the beach. Perfect for wearing in Summer or when thinking of a tropical paradise somewhere. Buy on Amazon.com

Did you see a Fairy Tail t-shirt you liked? Do you already have one of these? Let me know in the comments below.



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